Why Companies prefer buying Car Carrier Trailer

By | January 31, 2017

Car carrier trailer also known as a car-carrying hauler or auto transport trailer designed to efficiently transport cars and other vehicles. It is normally used to ship new cars from the manufacturer’s factory to auto dealerships.

Car Carrier Trailer

Some carriers are enclosed but most of them are open along with built-in ramps for loading and unloading cars. The open carrier trailers carry more cars at the same time. Most car carrier trailer for sale is equipped with power hydraulics to raise and lower ramps for stand-alone accessibility and to make moving a number of vehicles from one place to another easy.The main frame of the carrier is made up of high tension steel with lightweight enabling the car carrier trailer to carry more within a limited payload.

Along with car carrier, large industries also have container trailers for freight handling between ships, rail and trucks. The flat deck is responsible for transporting cargo, commonly used for freight handling between ships, rail and trucks. The modular container trailers enable to meet the requirements quickly offering businesses technological advantage, for greater economy, time efficiency, and flexibility. Container trailer for sale is durable, safe, functional, and easy handling. It reduces the overhead expenses of carrying cargo from one place to another. The manufacturers thoroughly test trailer before selling ensuring trouble-free trailer life.

Commercial car trailers have double Decker designs with decks subdivided into a number of loading and storage ramps that can be tilted and lifted independently without damaging other products. Unlike container trailer for sale that transports products easily, car carrier trailers are not equipped with loaders or winches. Car trailer hydraulics allows the ramps to be aligned in such a manner that cars can be driven up on the trailer after which the ramp floor is secured with chains.

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