Know the Different Uses of Heavy Duty Trailers to Make Right Choice for Your Application

By | November 6, 2018

In search of a low bed trailer for sale? Or do you need something more specific like a bulk cement trailer? The cost of heavy duty trailers can be quite expensive, hence it’s important to know the uses and benefits of different types of trailers before purchasing the right fit for your application.

Vacuum Tanker Trailers

These kind of heavy duty trailers are popularly used to store and transport large loads of caustic waste, hazardous chemicals, sludge, slurry or any other contents with liquid consistency. They are widely used in city sewage applications and oil field applications. A vacuum pump is used to extract all the air out of the tank and content can be pushed into the container for safe storage and transportation. Vacuum tanker trailers are round in shape to ensure maximum resistance against exterior air pressure.

Vacuum Tanker Trailer

Bulk Cement Trailers

A bulk cement trailer is used to transport different types of powder cargo such as cement, fly ash, lime powder and mineral powder among others to locations such as construction sites, cement factories and raw material storehouses. Cement trailers are usually vacuum sealed to prevent contamination of products inside the tank. They feature a pneumatic system for easy offloading and time saving between transportation trips. Air compressors are used to generate compressed air to ensure efficient discharge of powder.

Low Bed Trailers

Low bed trailers are versatile products that are widely used to efficiently transport heavy machinery and equipment without them toppling over. Low bed trailers or lowboys as they are popularly known feature a lower deck when compared to other heavy haulers – this ensures greater stability irrespective of the weight and height of cargo. Their open design makes them suitable to carry tall or wide equipment in compliance with height restrictions imposed in many countries.

Factors to Keep in Mind

Whether you are interested in a low bed trailer for sale or a vacuum tanker trailer, purchase from a reliable manufacturer who offers high quality production standards with flexible configurations and transport solutions. For example, it is desirable that a vacuum tanker trailer or bulk cement trailer has a tank body made from high tension steel. It is also desirable that the main components being used be from well-known brands. Spare parts should be easily available for purchase whenever required. Because heavy duty trailers are difficult to transport, make sure the manufacturer offers multiple shipment options for effective delivery.

Check out other categories of heavy duty trailers and make the best choice!

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