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The selection of tires for flatbed container trailer

The selection of tires varies according to different models of semi trailer. For standard flatbed container trailer, the tires can be 8.25R tubeless tire to 12.00R tire, among which, 8.25R tubeless, 10.00R~12.00R tubeless and 11R~12R are the most common type. 8.25R tubeless are more popular in heavy duty low loader trailer, in flatbed container trailer,… Read More »

Aluminum flatbed container trailer

Along with fast development of China’s logistic industry, the demand of flatbed container trailer is on an increasing trend. The major material for container flatbed trailer is steel, while in Europe, U.S and Japan, the steel-made trailer are gradually replaced by aluminum alloy trailer. The overall quantity of flatbed trailer in China has reached 3… Read More »