Why Does Fuel Tanker Trailers Rarely Explode During Mishaps?

By | November 21, 2017

tab6Have you wondered: why fuel tanker trailer so common a sight on highways rarely leads to mishaps? Well, the answer is because the tankers are kind of a result of an array of technologies that prevents spillage and bigger catastrophe, which fuel in large amount can lead to. Here in this blog, we discuss the different contraption typically are found on fuel container trailer for sale with aim to prevent accidents.

  • Baffle

fuel tanker trailerA fuel tanker trailer is not hollow entirely; instead, it is compartmentalized with use of baffles, which help dissipate the force of liquid evenly in cases of acceleration and braking. A truck would rollover easily without baffle, as the momentum of truck would vary from the fuel contained. The baffle design approach makes the fuel tanker trailer a lot safer to drive.

  • Safety valves

Fuel trailers come with a multitude of safety valves fixed at the bottom to drain the tanker safely if any vehicle goes under the body, which happen quite often. It may seem like a small safety arrangement; however, it has helped evade many calamities.

  • Brake assist and Low center of gravity

A fuel container trailer for sale nowadays comes with braking assisting system, which ensure in cases of heavy braking, the tanker does not roll over or a driver does not lose control of the steering, even in windy and slippery conditions. Moreover, the lower center of gravity stops tank trailer to overturn.

  • Special Manlids

Such lids let tank breath in cases of accidents, overturns, and fire. Manlids lets pressure or vapors accumulated in the tank to escape without significant loss to the fuel contained. Manlid is the reason tanker in cases of fire does not explode at first, instead burn uniformly, giving time to fire brigade to control fire.

Evidently, fuel tanker trailers are a lot more sophisticated carrier than we realize.

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