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Buy Lowboy Trailers to Make Your Freight Transportation Efficient

There are numerous factories and thousands of businesses who are looking for a low bed trailer for sale. Trailers are generally an unpowered vehicle towed by the truck or any powered vehicle to transport materials and goods from one place to another. Lowboy trailer manufacturers these utility trailers for personal use and some for suiting… Read More »

China’s standard of low bed trailer

For standardization of China’s low bed trailer industry, the transportation ministry issue the Technical specification standard of Low bed trailer to provide a frame in which all manufacturer should obey: The ground clearance of the loading deck should not exceed 1150mm. The tire model should not be larger than 8.25-20 or 8.25R20 The low bed… Read More »

Low bed trailer in oil extraction industry

The new technology of low bed trailer engaged for oil and gas industry had been lately designed. Since the explosion of natural gas or crude oil requires frequent relocation, therefore the equipment and vehicles such as bulldozers, generators, compressor, pipes should be transported frequently from one location to another. It raises new requirement for the… Read More »

Regular maintenance of Low bed trailer

Trailer transport is one of the most common transport solution in road logistics, fast-speed, flexible secured, etc. The low bed trailer is one of the most common trailer type. For regular low bed trailer maintenance, some worn-out parts should be checked and changed regularly, such as brake disc, brake shoe, brake pad and lining, shock… Read More »