How Trailers are Making our Lives Easier!

By | May 21, 2018

The products or materials we use in daily lives are manufactured in different factories but are available at the stores nearby our location. Ever wondered how? They are transported by large trailers, produced to carry different types of materials such as cars, fuel, vacuum, aluminum and many more. The size, shape and, characteristics of these trailers differ according to the matter or substance to be carried by them.

Car Carrier Trailer for Sale

We at Beijing Mercurius Technology Co., have been doing R&D, manufacturing and, sales for trailers for over 20 years. The wide range of trailers provided by us incorporates car carrier trailer for sale, fuel tanker trailer, bulk cement trailer, steel or aluminum tanker trailer, etc. Here are the brief descriptions of few trailer trucks which carry and deliver the materials we use, directly or indirectly, in our lives:

a) Fuel Tanker Trailer –

It is designed to transport the fuel and other liquid. For secure and stable transportation, the tanker acquires 6mm thick plate of steel, aluminum or stainless steel with 3~5 compartment, which can be customized according to the client’s needs. This self-bearing tank of maximum shape with lowest center gravity has two drainage options pump drainage and gravity drainage.

b) Bulk Cement Trailer –

Manufactured to transport the powder cargo like cement, flour, ashes and other powder materials of diameter 0.1mm or lesser. While delivering, the powder is discharged by the compressed air produced by the air compressor. The trailer shell is designed to endure high air pressure, while the design of tank facilitates to lessen material discharge time and decreases the amount of the residual while unloading.

c) Aluminum Tanker Trailer –

This trailer is an updated version of Fuel Tanker Trailer. Here, the body of the tanker is aluminum made instead of steel, which reduces its weight. It may look expensive initially, but in long term, it saves the operation costs drastically due to its less weight which demands lesser fuel than the steel tankers.

Besides, we manufacture and export many other tankers such as vacuum tanker trailer, car carrier trailer for sale etc. Therefore, if you are considering to purchase the trailers for transporting your products, connect with us +86 13811391956. You can also E-mail your queries to us at –

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