Understand the Applications of Vacuum Tank, Bulk Cement and Lowboy Trailers

By | December 4, 2018

Need to transport sewage waste? Perhaps you’re looking for an appropriate trailer solution to transport cement, mineral powder etc.? Unfortunately, you won’t find a magic trailer solution for diverse requirements. Each and every type of trailer has a unique design that’s suited for a specific purpose. Read on to learn the applications of a vacuum tanker trailer, bulk cement trailer and lowboy trailer.

When to Use Vacuum Tank Trailer

A vacuum tanker trailer is commonly used to safely transport sewage waste, hazardous liquid impurities and residual contents such as oil sludge, oil slurry etc. Typically round in shape, this type of trailer uses a powerful vacuum pump to suck out air from the tank, after which contents can be pushed in for safe storage and transportation. Although sizes vary, the round shape ensures maximum resistance to external air pressure. Vacuum tank trailers are popularly used in oil fields and by city sewage departments.


Applications of Bulk Cement Trailer

If you need to transport dry, powder cargo such as cement, mineral powder, ash or even agri-cargo such as flour, a bulk cement trailer is the ideal solution. Here, an air compressor generates compressed air to discharge powder content. The problem with powder content is it leaves a lot of wasted residue or it may take too long to discharge. The tank shell and tank design facilitate quick discharge times and minimize residue during unloading respectively.

Uses of Lowboy Trailer

Another kind of trailer is the lowboy trailer, the most versatile of the lot. Featuring a low bed, this type of trailer is available with different gooseneck, ramp and deck options for safely transporting heavy duty payloads such as large military equipment, large construction equipment and lots more. Lowboy trailer manufacturers design these trailers to sit extremely close to the ground so that oversized equipment can be transported easily without exceeding normal height restrictions.

Look Into Features

Along with understanding the capabilities of different types of trailers, it’s also important to know the features being offered. For strength and durability, select a manufacturer offering products made from high tensile steel. Make sure the main components such as the air compressor (in case of vacuum tank trailer or bulk cement trailer) are from a reputed brand. Check finer details including details about external painting, accessories for safe handling, brake system and electrical system to arrive at right choice.

To clarify doubts, get in touch with the lowboy trailer manufacturer!

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