How Tanker Trailer Serve the Need of Industries

By | August 4, 2017

Vacuum tanker trailerTrailers are considered as one of the best utility to serve the needs of businesses. The vacuum tanker trailer is one of the most important types of industrial truck used to serve the purpose of transporting goods from one location to another. This type of truck is specifically designed to load liquid materials, sewage, impurities, crude oil sludge, or slurries and transport it to the disposal site. Other names of these utility trucks are sucker truck, sewer sucker, hydro-vac, vac-trucks. The commercial vacuum trucks also collect fecal sludge that is usually 10 – 55 cubic meters in volume.

fuel tanker trailerIn addition to this, there are different types of trailers manufactured, including fuel tanker trailer, car carrier trailer, lowboy trailer, car carrier, etc., are used to fulfill the needs and demands of the industries. The fuel tanker trailer also comprises of a horizontal storage tank with half trailer chassis, cryogenic liquid pump, automatic compressor, operation box, etc. It transports liquid volume ranging from 5m3 to 52m3.

Tanker trailers have a high-velocity vacuum pump that hydraulically loads wet and dry materials via vacuum hoses. Vacuum trucks are majorly used for industrial services for collecting and transporting numerous materials. It also has a high-quality vacuum pump with water cooling system. These trailers are built with top notch quality products and durable enough.

If you are planning to container trailer for sale, it is very important to look at the specific points before buying. Ensure that the tanker is made up of high tension steel and should have the features of high velocity so that both dry and wet materials can be loaded easily. It should be a hollow tank to safely store loads of caustic waste chemicals and transport it safely to the distant place. The size the trailer should range from 4,800 to 5,500 gallons. Also, make sure that it has a rear door that can be opened by a hydraulic cylinder. Furthermore, be sure that you are purchasing a quality product that serves the industrial purpose.

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