Stable and Secure Transportation of Freight from One Place to Another

By | June 23, 2017

A vacuum tanker trailer is the principle equipment designed to pneumatically suck liquid, slurries, sand mixture. It is extremely useful for commercial purposes.The vacuum trailer has a pump to suck the air out of the tank and reducing the level of pressure so as to store sewage, impurities and crude oil sludge for easy transportation. Vacuum technology is used while collecting the sludge. This technology, however, makes easy for the slurries to be carried without any aid of laborers or equipment and transported to the disposal site. The same pump is used for loading as well as unloading liquid material.


Key features of vacuum tanker trailer

  • Tank body made of high tension steel
  • Twin compartment
  • Automated level gauges
  • Lighting preferences
  • Pump used for loading and unloading
  • Rear door opened with hydraulic cylinder

The vacuum tanker trailer is built in a variety of size and shape to guarantee maximum resistance against exterior air pressure. The high tension steel is used to build the trailer maximum resistance against exterior air pressure. Since the air compressor pump is the most critical part of the trailer, it is driven by PTO or a separate diesel engine.

Since trailers serve the needs of a variety of industries, it is extremely important for businesses to choose the trailer that specifies the particular requirement of your operation. In addition to the vacuum trailer, car carrier trailer for sale is designed to transport cars and other vehicles safely and securely to the destined location. It is normally used to ship new cars from the manufacturer’s factory to the dealer’s outlet.

There are two types of car carrier trailer for sale. One is open carrier trailer and the other is closed car carrier trailer. The open trailer carries more cars at the same time, whereas the enclosed one cannot. The open trailer is equipped with power hydraulics to raise the lower ramp for stand-alone accessibility. The double-decker car carrier loads more than one car without the fear of any damage. The frame of the open carrier trailer for sale is made up of high tension steel enabling the car carrier to transport vehicles safely.

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