Possibilities of Clearing out Pollution with Vacuum Tankers

By | October 3, 2016

Car carrying trailers find their use for the efficient transportation of passenger vehicles in these trucks. Other names of these machines include Car carrier trailers, car haulers, and auto transport trailer. These inbuilt trailers help in the loading and unloading of cars as well as for standing alone accessibility.

The car trailerattaches a tractor with a fifth wheel coupling and is easy to open, enclose, or possess by walls like a conventional box trailers. These commercial car carrier trailers can fit in about 5 to 9 cars per trailer depending on the type and size of the car. Its maximum strength to carry the cars is 80,000 lb weight. The various car trailers have different prices on sale, some of which include right here:

  • 2009 Infinity GN-400 available for $18,950
  • 2009 Luodo for $26,700
  • 2001 Sun valley available for $25,000


Vacuum tankers also known as tank trucks, consist of heavy-duty vacuum, specifically designed to load liquids, solids, sludge etc. The tanker comprises rotary vane vacuum pump, which play an important role in its functioning.Directed to hydraulic system, it is also popular as sucker truck.

Advantages of Vacuum Tanker Trailer:

  • These trucks help in handling all the waste disposal
  • The vacuum trucks are suitable to empty septages, and also finds its use for cleaning up of contaminated soils
  • Vacuum trucks are used for emptying portable toilets, airplane toilet waste etc into a large sewage

To conclude, the car carrier trailers are best for use during transportation of small vehicles from one place to the other with ease. Vacuum tankers help in eradicating pollution from a place usually caused by people, cars, industries etc. It is advisable to use the vacuum tankers to help in the beautification of a place.

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