Flatbed Trailers: All You Want to Know About

By | September 1, 2016

An unpowered vehicle, which is generally towed by powered vehicle, is called a trailer. Trailers are widely used to transport goods and materials from one place to another. Also, the travel trailers, recreational vehicles and mobile homes are referred as trailers. There are many such vehicles that are towable trailers that can be customized in response to their specific needs of customers.

Trailers are manufactured using high-grade steel that is checked on various parameters before usage. These trailers conform to the industry set guidelines; hence meet highest benchmarks of quality. Moreover to fit the trailers, world-class undercarriage assemblies are used such as landing gears, suspension systems, brake assemblies and axles. For safety reasons, trailers are also fitted with cattle guards, reflectors, indicators and brake lights. Trailers come in different variants such as car carrier, refrigerated trailers, bulker trailers, curtain-sider, Z-type, tip trailer, sideboard, skeletal, flatbed, tanker trailer and running gear.


Out of all the variants, one of best types is Flatbed Trailer. Flatbed trailers are a type of truck that can be either articulated or rigid. As the name suggests, these trailers are entirely flat, which allow quick and easy loading of goods to be transported. These flatbed trailers are designed keeping in mind performance, build and quality. Robustly designed, these trailers are engineered with hauling steel, machinery and construction materials. The construction of flatbed trailer is made up of main beam of optimum-quality steel, strong floor and many more components to provide very beneficial weight to it. To meet the demands of different industries, flatbed trailer manufacturer offer this in different specifications. Having a great sense of versatility, flatbed trailers are extremely popular among customers and are demanded to load freights on its tip, sides, and rear. Engineered with robust capacities, each trailer undergoes various quality checks before final dispatch at the customers’ end. Apart from this, low bed trailers are also very popular in the market. These trailers are provided in different sizes and specifications to meet the demands of customers in prominent manner. There are many companies, which offer low bed trailer for sale.

Different types of flatbed trailers are mentioned below:

  1. Flat Bed: These are one of the most known used trailers that can be loaded from the sides, 1. top, or rear. This makes this trailer very common asset for customers. More to this, it can accommodate freight with the various legal weights and dimensions.
  2. Step Deck: Designed to haul freight, these trailers are also known as drop deck trailers. These are known to be the version of flatbed trailers having with a top and bottom deck and can accommodate freight with the maximum legal weights and dimensions.
  3. Extendable Flatbeds, Stretch Single-Drop Deck and Double Drop: These are among others types of flatbed trailers that are widely useful.

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