Features of folding gooseneck lowboy trailer

By | November 25, 2015
The folding gooseneck lowboy trailer offers a solution for vehicles or heavy rolling equipment to load from the front without using ramps or detaching the deck from gooseneck. By several units of complicated hydraulic cylinders, the gooseneck can be unfolded, laying on the ground flatly, when folded, it can be attached to prime mover like normal lowboy trailer does.

Feature of our folding gooseneck lowboy trailer includes:

  1. Very low ground clearance for the guarantee of security.
  2. The folding gooseneck is triggered by hydraulic lining and operated by a simple control joystick, or by remote controller.
  3. On the deck platform, a winch can be placed to pull vehicle or equipment that are paralyzed.
  4. 2” or 3.5”, or 2”~3.5” switchable kingpins are adopted, enable the lowboy trailer compatible with all types of prime mover.
  5. The lowboy body length can be extended. By using out-triggers, the width can also be extended, enabling the trailer to be multi-functional.
  6. The main beam, cross beam and all other structure pieces are made from high-tension steel produced from top steel plant from China.
  7. Sandblasting surface plus premium painting, the trailer features various colors with anti-rust and anti-corrosion characteristic.

For military application, aircraft transportation and other relevant places, this folding gooseneck trailer can be a very fascinating choice.

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