Carry and Transport Material Effectively With Vacuum Tanker Trailer

By | March 27, 2017

A vacuum tanker trailer is designed with the purpose to carry liquid, sledges (such as fecal sludge) or slurries and transported to a treatment or disposal site.The trailer is used for hauling sanitary waste and industrial liquids. These vacuum trucks have heavy duty vacuum pumps designed to use vacuum technology to load liquid through suction lines. These pumps are also effectively used to unload materials. There are many types of vacuum pump that best fit for the industrial cleaning applications.

Vacuum tanker trailer

Since trailers serve the needs of different industries. It is extremely important to opt for a specific trailer that suits the industrial requirements. Container trailer for sale is made up of high tension steel with a purpose to meet demands and expectations of customers. The high velocity allow both dry and wet materials to be loaded in the truck.The hollow tank safely stores and transports large loads of caustic waste chemicals. The size of the trailer range from 4,800 to 5,500 gallons.

Vacuum tanker trailer is designed by experienced engineers keeping in mind the precise dimension. The tank body is made up of high tension steel. It also has high-quality vacuum pump with water cooling system. The rear door can be opened by hydraulic cylinder. In addition, the stainless steel and carbon composition can handle huge quantity of content to move from one place to another.

Furthermore, there are various type of container trailer available in the market. Make sure which trailer suits your industrial needs more. It is widely used in the city sewage network and oil field.

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