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By | October 27, 2016

A vacuum truck or tank truck with a large or heavy duty vacuum devised to pneumatically haul solids, liquids, sediment or slurry through saturation lines regularly 2-4” in diameter with 3” being the pattern.  The exemplary pump used in the industry is the rotary vane vacuum pump. The truck can composed to be a direct belt drive, or a hydraulic drive system. There are two distinct ways to escalate the pump, the first one being to do so directly on the truck with the vacuum drive powered by the truck motor. 

the common malfunction of sewage vacuum tanker trailerThe other option is to escalate the pump on the trailer with independent motor.

Vacuum trucks are used by the town and corporate, governments and by commercial bodies round the world. Carrying out the heavy duty works for any commercial or industrial use can easily executed by purchasing container trailer for sale.

Uses of container trailer:

  • The vacuum trucks manage all types of sanitary waste removals.
  • It is used to devoid seepage from cesspits, septic tanks, pits latrines and community latrines for street cleanup, for garbage cleaning out and for individual septic systems.
  • Also used for the cleaning of contaminated soil.
  • The trucks used in cleaning out of sullied sewer lift stations.
  • It is use to empty portable toilets.
  • Airplane toilets’ wastes collected from vacuum trucks in commercial aviation.

After collecting, vacuum truck discharge these wastes to sewer network, to a wastewater treatment plant.

Key features of vacuum tanker trailer

  • Supplementary manway
  • Twin compartment
  • Additional manways, greater sizes
  • Automated level gauges
  • Sea level gauges
  • Lighting preferences
  • Sample anchorage
  • Fully opening back door

Vacuum trailer built in vast varieties of sizes and styles and built to shaft variations of loads and needs. From ‘super lightweight’ to ‘super heavy duty’ vacuum tanker trailer serves the basic as well as the complicated tasks of the communal as well as the industrial use.

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