The working principle of bulk cement trailer

By | December 5, 2015

The bulk cement tanker trailer is also called bulk powder transport vehicle, it’s combined by special designed chassis, tanker, pneumatic piping system and discharging devices. It’s commonly used in the transportation of bulk cement, coal powder, lime powder and other dry powder material with diameter no more than 0.1mm. It’s most used in cement factory, cement warehouse and construction sites for the reduction of packaging and discharging cost.

bulk cement trailerThe tanker for the trailer includes tanker body, upper entrance, fluidized bed, discharging kits, air piping and other components. There are normally 3 upper entrances located at the top side of the tanker.

For the air piping system, there are one air entrance pipe located at the front and one at the rear, controllable by ball valve separately. When the power is turned on and transmitted from the PTO to the air compressor, the condensed air will flow into the tanker for the fluidization of the powder, when the pressure reached 0.196Mpa, open the butterfly valve, the discharge can be approached.

Some key points to be notice when the bulk cement tanker trailer is on duty:

  • The working pressure of the air compressor is 0.2MPa, do not exceed this limit due to over-speed driving or overload.
  • Do not switch on or switch off the AM suddenly, it will cause extra damage.
  • Do not change the spinning direction of the air compressor.
  • When the pressure is reduced, do not stop the AM suddenly, otherwise the powder will flow backwards, causing damages.
  • Check the fuel supply and lubrication of the A.M.
  • The maintenance should be given every 30 hours to clear the air filter. Change the filter after 5 times of maintenance.

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