Vacuum Truck- All You Want to Know About

By | September 6, 2016

Vacuum trucks are considered as one of the most useful industrial trucks that are widely demanded for collecting and transporting various materials. These trucks are extensively demanded in industrial services and waste transportation and disposal industry as are designed in different types and sizes to meet the demands of customers.

Vacuum tanker trailer is used in many different industries and is extremely useful and valuable commercial vehicle. The vacuum truck is helpful for everyone to live comfortably in clean, waste-free surroundings. Apart from this, the services from this truck are often needed to clean up a clogged drainage system or a restaurant that needs a grease-drain trap emptied.


There are various types of vacuum trucks available in the market. Combo and hydro excavation trucks are developed for cleaning catch basins using high-pressure water & centrifugal vacuum system, sewer lines and storm drains. Also, this truck is useful for cleaning dry powdery materials such as fly ash and cement powders.


Vacuum trucks are demanded in different industries, and are able to perform various tasks. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • These trucks are able to carry wastewater, septic waste, and sludge. Manufactured in smaller and larger sizes, these trucks are perfectly apt for residential and commercial septic systems.
  • Vacuum trucks are widely useful and considered an important machine in the oil and fracking industry for clearing away contaminated mud, rock, and water from drilling sites.
  • Apt for trenching, potholing, and digging out smaller areas, these trucks are able to suction up dirt, soil, and sand.
  • Applicable in municipalities to suction catch basins and sewers, these trucks are usually outfitted with jetters and heavy duty water pumps.
  • Also, vacuum tanker trailer is demanded to clean-up the environmental and chemical spills. As well as, this truck has an ability to fully contain waste and deliver it to the proper disposal sites.

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