Trailers that Help in Transmission of Heavy Loaded Goods

By | October 4, 2016

A lowboy trailer is a low bed trailer that finds heavy use in countries like Canada and South Africa as well as in Australia. Also popular as semi trailers, they are available in different types such as Fixed gooseneck, fixed-neck, hydraulic detachable gooseneck, mechanically detachable gooseneck and mechanical folding gooseneck.

These trailers allow the deck to stay very low in comparison with all the other trailers. They offer carrying load up to 12ft tall, which other trailers do not offer. Lowboy trailers can carry heavy equipment including bulldozers, industrial equipment etc.  Invented in the early 1920s, the lowboy trailers have become a necessity in assorted industries. Various manufacturers that make and sell trailers include XL Specialized Trailer, Globe Trailers, Fontaine Heavy Haul Lowbed Trailers, WITZCO, ROGERS Trailers etc.



Flatbed Trailers

Made of steel and aluminum, flatbed trailers have a one-piece high quality steel beam. These trailers are specialized trucks which have an open platform and ripe for use on the highways. Also popular as cargo trailers, they allow 63 ft. load space and are very versatile. Different companies manufacture trailers in distinct sizes and shapes. While some make it too long, the others make average sized trailers.

The flatbed trailers have different pricing in the sale, some charge a very high cost, and the others charge reasonable rates. Following are the various samples of Flatbed trailers on sale as follows:

  • 2017 PJ Trailers L3 flatbed Trailer for $17,575
  • 2017 Transcraft Trailers Flat Deck Trailers for $23,970
  • 2017 Transcraft Flat Deck Trailer for $25,880
  • 2017 Manac Trailer Flatbed Trailer for $34,900
  • 2016 American Trailers Car Hauler for $2,150

Lowboy and Flatbed Trailers are very important trailers as they help in moving heavy loads of equipments from one destination to another and both of them are equally versatile. Both the trailers have sophisticated designs that help in making work easy for the transporters.

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