The working principle of vacuum pumps for sewage vacuum tanker trailer

By | December 3, 2015

The vacuum pump is the most critical part for sewage vacuum tanker trailer. The working principle is to produce vacuum condition inside the tanker, the negative air pressure will suck all manure, sewage and oil sludge inside the tanker for collection and transportation. The quality of the vacuum pump has great impact on the performance of the vacuum tanker trailer. For  normal procedures of operating vacuum pump:

First, turn on the prime mover or truck, open the PTO.

When the vacuum pump is turned on, the eccentric runners inside the pump keep spinning, the spinning plate will get adhere to the pump interior wall due to the centrifugal force. The air chamber keep expanding to suck air inside, when the runner stop, the suction stops as well and the air isolated, creating negative pressure inside the tanker.

As the rotor keeps spinning, the isolated air will be compressed and exhausted when the pressure exceeds the limitation. The vacuum pump will follow this procedures several time until the tanker is free of air with great negative pressure which is suitable for sewage suction.


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