The emerge of wide-body dumper trailer

By | December 29, 2015

Dumper trailer for mining useThe so-called wide-body dumper trailer” refers to the use of a bias mining truck cab, the strengthen of the frame, the widening and heightening of dumper body, the strengthen of suspension system (increase leaf spring Disc and strength, etc.), as well as other parts of the strengthened and improved and matching high-horsepower engines to make it suitable for use in the mine environment for open-air transport of mine stripping layers. Its technology comes from ordinary heavy dumper trailer

According to incomplete statistics, the total loading capacity of China’s mine transport has exceeded 12 billion tons with annual growth. Most of the mining vehicle adopts 6 × 4 heavy-duty dumper trucks or 6 × 4 prime mover with a dumper trailer for the  transportation of coal, soil and earth and other materials. In practice, the user wants to recover the cost to maximize profits in the short terms.

To improve transport efficiency, the vehicles are frequently operated in overloaded state without permission to lengthen and heighten cargo compartment and regular maintenance. Poor road conditions also makes the vehicles operate in severe turbulence. As a result, the regular dumper trailer is barely qualified for heavy duty work in mining sites.

In mining tunneling operation, the turning radius is very small, normal 8*4 dumper truck is not qualified for such duty. In some mines, imported heavy duty mining trucks are also introduced, but such vehicle costs large mining operation revenue, shrink the profit. In the view of transport convenience and cost effectivity, the wide-body dumper trailer provide another option. It costs lower and carries more, and serves better in severe mining site conditions. It’s emerge is a inevitable result for the market self-regulation.

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