The distinguish of sewage vacuum tanker and manure vacuum tanker

By | December 23, 2015

sewage vacuum tanker trailer The sewage vacuum tanker trailer and manure vacuum tanker trailer are all special designed city environmental vehicles. There in only one literal difference from their names, but the functions and features vary a lot.

In terms of appearance and manufacturing technique, the sewage vacuum tanker adopts sphere shape / round shape while the manure vacuum trailer is oval flat shape, similar like a turtle back. These two types of trailer all have 4 baffles inside the tanker to buffer the shocks of liquid during vehicle transportation. The sewage vacuum tanker bottom plate is higher in the front, lower in the rear, for the convenience of discharging. For the manure vacuum tanker, there are ladders at the tanker rear and steps at the top, for the security check from the inspector. Apart from that, the rear lid of the sewage vacuum tanker can be opened while the manure one are a closed type.

In terms of vacuum pumps, sewage vacuum tanker has a higher technical requirement. Some rocks, sludge, mud, sands, etc should all be sucked while the manure vacuum pump doesn’t have such requirement. Therefore, we can jump to a conclusion that the sewage vacuum tanker trailer covers higher application ranges than that of manure ones, this can be a reference for those investors or driver when choosing the trailer model.

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