The debate about the advantages between steel tanker trailer and aluminum tanker trailer

By | January 22, 2016

tanker trailer steel, aluminum tanker trailerThe debate about the advantages between steel tanker trailer and aluminum tanker trailer had never been settled. Some doubts had been pointed out that the aluminum tanker trailer is not that good as described. Based on this subjected, a special interview was made on one of China’s most famous forum about trucks and trailers, below is some abstracts:

Suspect 1: The engine quality, instead of tanker weight, is the key factor of low fuel consumption.

Answers: yes, engine is one of the most important factor to reduce fuel consumption, but to maximize fuel saving, the reduction of tanker weight is inevitable. If the tanker trailer weight reduces by 10%, the fuel efficiency will increase 6~8%. Every detail will result in the saving of fuel, take a fatty for instance, he has a good heart, but a heavy weight will still cause overload to his body and heart.

Suspect 2: Aluminum tanker trailer is light in tension compared with steel tanker trailer.

Answers: Aluminum had been widely used in Ship building, astronautic space ship and other high-tech industry, which had proven high tension of aluminum. On the other hand, the traditional trailer chassis is made from big H and C shape steel which is either low in tension and has higher chance of twisting.

Suspect 3: Aluminum tanker trailer is higher in price, compared with Steel tanker, it’s low in economic return rate.

Answers: For one aluminum tanker trailer, the price is $15000 to $25000 higher. In terms of weight, 3 tons lower. For a single duty, each time the tanker carrier 2.4 ton more. If the trailer operates 200,000 kilometer per year, each kilometer costs 0.08 USD, each year, the trailer makes $16,000 more in profit. Besides that, the aluminum tanker is longer in lift span. To consider all factors, it’s higher in economic return rate.


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