The application of dumper trailer

By | December 1, 2015

The dumper trailer is mostly used in the transportation of coal, ore, construction material and other bulk cargo. The application falls into two major categories:

  • One includes road duty, the dumper trailer carries sand, mud, coal and construction material from one site to another. The dumper trailer normally cooperate with loaders.
  • One doesn’t includes road duty, the dumper works inside the mining plant for the ore, rocks transportation, it usually works with the bulldozers.

There are two major types to unloading ways for dumper trailer, one is side-tipper, all cargo inside the dumper falls on either side of the trailer; the other is rear-tipper, the cargo fall at behind as the dumper is lifting from the front.

The main structure and dumper walls are made from premium manganese steel. In terms of dumper shape, there are U shape and rectangle shape.

For the lifting cylinder, it’s driven by hydraulic power. The cylinder can be placed at the dumper front, or beneath the dumper, for rear-tipping. If placed at the side, it can be used for the side-tipping.

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