Regular maintenance for steel tanker trailer

By | November 28, 2015

Get familiar with the steel tanker trailer, including main structure, features, and function. Normally a steel tanker trailer is made from four parts: chassis, tanker, plumbing system and power takeoff. Inspection and cleaning should be done before setting off for duty, all screws should be tightened as well. If potential threat is found, stop and take care of it.

For the tanker part, before setting off, inspect the tanker body, coupling, valve, pipes for leakage. Lubrication circumstance should be check for all rolling parts.

For the prime mover, make sure the fuel, coolant are enough. All braking system, including manual brake and parking brake, is normal. All gauges indicate the correct data and tires in right condition. Fire extinguishers should be prepared and check for availability from time to time.

During the duty, all gauges should be checked from time to time for the data correction, abnormal noise and smell should be notice in time. When the trailer is stopped, check overheats for the braking drum, remove all impurities between tire patterns. Leakages of oil, water or air are not allowed in any circumstance. Spring plates, in there are, should be check for tightness.

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