Low bed trailer in oil extraction industry

By | December 10, 2015

The new technology of low bed trailer engaged for oil and gas industry had been lately designed.

Since the explosion of natural gas or crude oil requires frequent relocation, therefore the equipment and vehicles such as bulldozers, generators, compressor, pipes should be transported frequently from one location to another. It raises new requirement for the design of low bed trailer. low bed trailer in oil industry

The typical design for low bed trailer in oil extraction requires heavy duty axle and tires, fixed type gooseneck or step deck. A winch should be allowed to pull up equipment onto the deck, as well as the worn out vehicle. Weevil pins on both side serve as additional rollers to guide the equipment or vehicle onto the deck. Vertical stakes were inserted along both side of the deck to prevent shifting during transport. Ramps are optional if vehicle loading and unloading are needed.

The low bed trailer has additional welds in the cross members, the durability is guaranteed during duty. Weight distribution is considered reasonably so the mounted kinpin and tires both bears reasonable weights without damaging the deck or cause imbalance that will sometimes result in accidents.


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