GB1589 central axle standard: the revolution in China car carrier trailer

By | March 21, 2016

China car carrier trailer standardThere had been long existing problems in China car carrier trailer industry. According to legal regulation, the length of China car carrier trailer can never be more than 16.5m, the width 2.5m and the height 4m, maximum loading capacity 6 vehicles. However, when driving in the express high way, it’s very common to encounter car carrier trailers that are more than 30 meters long with more than 10 vehicles loaded.  Such phenomenons will cause severe potential risk.

In 2016, the new trailer standard of GB1589 had been established. In terms of China car carrier trailer, the newly central axle design had been one of the major reforms.

With the establishment of GB1589, the transport ministry of China decided t innovate China car carrier trailer industry step by step. During the first 6 month, the double lane design in the upper deck will be prohibited, only single lane should be allowed, such regulation aims to solve the over-width problems in the industry. In the following 2~3 year, central axle design will be promoted and generally, take the place of normal car carrier trailer.

Although there were many illegal phenomenon in the industry, the difficulties of drivers can not be ignored. It’s claimed by some anonymous drivers that in vehicle transportation industry, drivers’ salary had been reduced while the transport cost had been increased in recent year, without overload, there will never be profit margin.

When facing the coming GB1589, some managers had been fully prepared, some central axle trailers are purchased. It can be forseen that in the coming years, China’s car carrier trailer will be more standardized.

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