Different Types of Truck Trailers Fulfilling Different Needs

By | July 25, 2016

Have you ever wondered how many types of container trailer for sale are there, which efficiently carry your food, vegetables, electronics, furniture or any other things? Do you know for every purpose, different types of trailers are designed?

Probably you know; however, do you know how they are different? No?


Let us explore in this blog how they are different. Different designs evolved as a solution to loading/unloading issue, other than the application.

  • To deliver fresh fruits and vegetable, trailers these days have refrigeration equipment. All your frozen food is carried in such units but with better refrigeration system.
  • For carrying milk, special types of tankers with refrigeration units are used, which are made from higher-grade steel and are thickly insulated.
  • For carrying dry bulk, gullwing—just like SLS-AMG gullwing—trailers are suitable. They open their gull wing to load or unload rice crates, beverage pallets, and other food items. The other version of this trailer is without wings; instead, it is covered with high-tension fabric.
  • To carry freight containers there are three options: folding gooseneck trailer, detachable gooseneck and flatbed. For making loading easy, folding gooseneck can sleep on the ground, while detachable one can be separated from the hauling unit.
  • Dumper trucks are one of the most sturdy trailers that can carry 20 to 50 tons. These trailers designed to keep their central of gravity low, making them more stable for the handling, given their harsh running terrain, such as sands, ores, or mini-stone.
  • Car carrier trailers are the recent addition, they are designed accommodate cars that overlap each other but do not other each other. Standard model includes 5 rigid type, 6-vehicle carrier, 8-vehicle carrier, 10-vehicle, they are normally stacked in 2 layers.

The next time you see any trailer on the road, try to classify according to its design and application. You will realize how interesting engineering is used in these ordinary looking trailers.

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