China’s car carrier trailer and rigid car carrier

By | November 23, 2015

Based on statistics of China logistic industry in 2006, there are over 255 million vehicle transported every year, 85% of which is delivered by car carrier (trailer or rigid type).

China car carrier trailer

China car carrier trailer

As a matter of fact, between 1970s and 1990s, rigid type carrier trailer reach its zenith in quantity. However, due to the defects in larger turning radius, poor driving stability and other insecurity matters, the car carrier trailer takes the places of rigid carrier, which has a higher chance of accident than car carrier trailer.

In Europe, on the contrary, the rigid carrier is more favored due to its flexibility in mounting and loading. In China, most of the rigid carrier is not under registration, the total industry is lack of standardization.

Some aspects must not be ignored in the vehicle transportation:

  • The vehicle loaded must has legal registration
  • The consignee must has legal ID and permission.
  • Flammable and explosive stuff must not be transported along with the vehicle.

In recent year, some innovation had been made by some manufacturers to increase the stability and security of rigid type car carrier. Furthermore, the road condition had been greatly improved. There are reasons to believe that the time for promoting rigid type car carrier is ripe to share the market with car carrier trailers.

China car carrier trailer

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