Car Carrier Trailer for Sale-Differently Abled Car Arranger

By | November 1, 2016

Shipment of automobiles such as cars is a huge industry within itself. The industry serves the people with respective demands of automobile at doorstep and in some cases manufactured models reach the dealers who act as intermediate between the customer and the industry. All these cases have turned into possibilities only with the help of car carrier trailer.

This invention has many names in the industry as car hauler trailer, car carrying trailer, auto transport trailer, etc.

car-carrier-trailer-for-saleThe name maybe different but the work is similar which is to transport the automobiles in a bulk at a particular location. It is basically a trailer which gets attached to powered trucks that are able to carry the load of the trailer with the cars.

Design and Specification

Many trailer manufacturing companies provide car carrier trailer for sale with the facility of flexible designing which includes the designing of trailers according to the customer’s requirement. Basically the designing varies from the types of cars to be loaded in it. There are some quality specifications of the car carrier trailer which include:

  • The trailer’s main frame is always of a high tension steel which facilitates light weight.
  • Usage of hydraulic cylinders for efficient and excellent lifting, avoiding any failure.
  • Key parts are of high quality and brand, which ensures both the trust and functioning of the trailers.
  • The loading capacity is the main feature of the trailers. Though it varies according to the demands of the customers, still all trailers require a strong and durable loading structure.

Shipment Option

The success of a business mainly depends on its popularity and services served by it over a large scale in different areas. Hence many manufacturers supply car carrier trailer for sale to enable the automobile industry towards growth and development. There are various shipment options for clients, dealers or customers who avail the product from overseas.

Mainly, the charge on purchasing overseas ads up the total sea freight charged per cubage. The resulting figure at times reaches a range of non-payable amount. In such situations the manufacturers provide the loading and shipping in accordance to SKD terms.


Categorizing the car carrier trailers in a broad way then they are of two types:

  • Open car carrier trailer
  • Closed car carrier trailer

Both these trailers are entirely different from each other in terms of design, structures, functioning, etc. The closed car carrier trailers are more advantageous than the open ones. They prove this with the following:

  • The vehicles loaded are away from any weather damage.
  • The unloading is easier as it has ample space to provide easy turning of the cars.
  • The cars get protected from any leakage
  • It promotes a higher speed which enables speedy delivery of the cars.

Many customers purchase from the car carrier trailer for sale provided by various trailer manufacturing companies. These trailers accelerate an easy delivery of cars in any location.

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