Un-standardized car carrier trailer industry in China

By | December 7, 2015

For most drivers on the express high way, the car carrier trailer is the worst nightmare. The car carrier trailer is the most messy branch in the trailer industry, the un-standard trailers is much more than the standard ones in terms of quantity. It very common to see the carrier trailer riding on the road with over 20 meters long. It occurs to all of us that when this car carrier trailer industry can be standardized.

car carrier trailer overloadAccording to normal car carrier standard, the total length should not be over 14 meters, 6 sedan vehicle should be carried, if a extendable platform is equipped, maximum 8 vehicles. But now, this type of trailer is very rare on the road. The most common type is trailers with 27m long. Even though penalty is given to this kind of trailer, most driver will start the delivery in nights to avoid the police. For some companies, they will return the trailer into original appearance during the annual inspection of the trailer industry, after that, un-standard components will be added. Those are typical hide and seek games that the car carrier trailer industry plays.

Based on the drivers’ report, if they don’t add those un-standard component to overload, they can hardly survive, 70%~80% of the car transportation company will close down due to the low profit margin and high transportation cost. For such violation, we don’t know how to put and end on it. Some standard car carrier model had been suggested such as 24.5m long modular car carrier trailer, it can load 12 vehicle to guarantee the profit margin, the security is also considered. The rigid type car carrier is also considered to be allowed in the market, all of those are signs of the industry to regulate itself.


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