3 layer car carrier trailer

By | January 5, 2016

car carrier trailer in 3 layerIn domestic Chinese vehicle transportation industry, overload had become a very common phenomenon. Various penalty and charges made the driver and logistic company barely to survive. No overload, no profit, is a catch phrase in car carrier trailer industry. In recently years, some car carrier trailer with over 20m long is stroking on the road, making this industry even more bizzarre.

Also recently, some photo had been exposed in some oversea website that some car carrier trailer adopts 3 layers to increase the logistic efficiency.

In Europe, the car carrier normally adopts rigid type, car carrier trailer, which is very common in China, is not welcome, or become non-mainstream in Europe. The advantage for rigid carrier is that even the carrier is not full, it can still be sent for duty. To modify the carrier into 3 layers within legal height limitation, the efficiency can be increase even more.

In Europe, the car carrier used a dolly in the middle to lower the ground clearance. This design will increase the total space for vehicle loading, enabling the success of 3 layer carrier. For the prime mover, the space between kingpin and cab is enlarged to load more vehicle in the first section. For some mover, one more vehicle can also be loaded in the mover head.

Hydraulic units are used in the car carrier trailer for adjustment of the loading height. Some large vehicle such as MPV and SUV are also available in this design. In some circumstance, 3 layer loading is impossible for vehicle in over-height condition. The hydraulic unit will lift the second layer to the top layer, in this case, the carrier becomes 2 layer loading.

Such design had been introduced into China in recent years, but compared with mainstream car carrier trailer, this profit margin should better not be mentioned. In China, the most common solution is to load 1 rank at the bottom, 2 ranks at top. In such case, one carrier can load more than 20 units compare with only 10 unit for 3 layer carrier. Such behavior is a potential risk in every express high way in China. Therefore, there is still long way, or no way to go for such 3 layer car carrier trailer to become mainstream in China. The prohibition or rigid carrier and various penalty will squeeze such carrier and so far, overload is still the best solution that can be found.


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