Aluminum flatbed container trailer

By | November 26, 2015

Along with fast development of China’s logistic industry, the demand of flatbed container trailer is on an increasing trend. The major material for container flatbed trailer is steel, while in Europe, U.S and Japan, the steel-made trailer are gradually replaced by aluminum alloy trailer.

flatbed container trailer

The overall quantity of flatbed trailer in China has reached 3 million, it’s a major source of pollution that can not be ignored. As the whole world pays great attention on emission reduction, to lower the trailer weight can be a effective solution. To replace steel by aluminum alloy, the weight for each flatbed trailer can reduced by 3.5 tons, at the same time, since the self weight is smaller, the lifespan for one trailer will extended and total CO2 emission will be 1800KGS less than steel.

Aluminum trailer is more expensive than steel ones, but statistics show that during one year of duty, the aluminum trailer creates $20,000~$30,000 more turnovers than steel ones, the extra investment can be returned within 2 years. Also for a normal steel flatbed trailer, the lifespan is 7~9 years while an aluminum one is 15~20 years. When the trailer is worn out for recycle, the potential value is much more higher than steel ones.

So far, aluminum flatbed trailer is not popular in China, the earliest can be traced back to 2008. It can be seen that within few year, aluminum trailer will cover more percentage of the total trailer quantity.


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