China’s standard of low bed trailer

By | January 13, 2016

china low bed trailer standardFor standardization of China’s low bed trailer industry, the transportation ministry issue the Technical specification standard of Low bed trailer to provide a frame in which all manufacturer should obey:

  1. The ground clearance of the loading deck should not exceed 1150mm.
  2. The tire model should not be larger than 8.25-20 or 8.25R20
  3. The low bed trailer length should not exceed 16m. The coupling part should be gooseneck structure.
  4. Vertical stakes are not allowed on both sides of the low bed trailer.
  5. Modular structure should be adopted for low bed trailer that exceed 13m long.

After issuing such standard for low bed trailer, other trailer model, such box trailer, flatbed trailer, tanker trailer are expected to be formulated soon. Such regulation are established to prevent the road and express high way damage that caused by over-length and overloaded low bed trailer, and to increase the transportation efficiency for both trailer and express high way.

For low bed trailers that violates above regulation, the ministry has asked to stop the manufacturing and operating until the trailers finish the modification. Such regulation had positive impact on China’s local trailer industry and prevent the penetration of oversea light-weight trailer into China’s market.

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